Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape

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    Enter the world of Psyscape, the stuff of myths and legends revealed at last! The history, power and key figures of this mysterious realm.

    • New psychic O.C.C.s like the Nega-Psychic, Psychic Nullifier, Psi-Slayer, Zapper and others.

    • CS Psychic operatives.

    • New psychic powers like ecto-plasmic disguises.

    • Cybernetic psi-implants and side effects.

    • Notable factions, villains, and heroes.

    • Coalition death squads, spies and trouble.

    • D-Bees, aliens & dark secrets.

    • World information, maps and adventure ideas.

    • Written by Kevin Siembieda.

    • Cover by John Zeleznik.

    • Art by Perez, McKennna, Johnson, & others.

    • 160 pages.


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