Rifts Index and Adventures Volume 2 (v. 2) Paperback – December, 1997 - Used

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    PAL0831 RIFTS Index V2 Role Playing Game RPG by Palladium Books

    Rifts Index Vol. 2

    Rifts Index Volume Two features a Kevin Long cover and indexes and references the last two years of Rifts releases, including Juicer Uprising, Coalition Navy, Coalition War Campaign, New West, Lone Star, Spirit West, Rifts Underseas, Game Screen & Adventure Pack, South America II, Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids, Phase World, and Rifts Japan.

    It will also provide full adventures, short, Hook, Line & Sinker adventures, maps, reference lists, and artwork.

    - Page Count: 128 pages

      - $6.48

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