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    Kevin Siembieda is reorganizing, tweaking, expanding and updating one of the most popular Rifts® World Books ever published: Vampire Kingdoms™. This will include some new artwork and an expanded page count. The book will be updated and expanded in much the same way as Kevin did with Rifts® Sourcebook One a couple years ago. Best of all, it’s just the prelude to a Rifts® Vampire Sourcebook that will follow a month or two later.

    • Vampires: Their strengths, weaknesses and powers.
    • The Vampire Kingdoms expanded.
    • Vampire strategies and plans for conquest.
    • Vampire hunters and Techno-Wizard slayer devices (new and old).
    • Key locations including Cuidad Juarez and El Paso.
    • The mystery of the Yucatan Peninsula.
    • Traveling Shows, Freak Shows and Circuses.
    • Monsters, D-Bees, and adventure ideas galore.
    • Updated and revised to 110 P.A.
    • Cover by E.M. Gist.
    • Written by Kevin Siembieda.

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