MTG Friday Night Magic - Standard ARENA
Magic: The Gathering

This is a weekly Arena based Standard Tournament while we can not run MTG events in store. This will be in place of our regular FNM night. Register with your name, DCI, Discord ID, and Arena ID code (including the numbers) and we'll create a Tournament. Updates will be through our discord so to play you will need to be sure and join if you have not yet. to join. Go to our discord magic chat channel to get further instructions. Any questions can be directed to our discord channels or call the shop at 937-867-4263 (limited hours).

Prizing will be Wizards Prize packs

1st - Foil Prize Pack

2nd - Regular Prize Pack

3 Prize Pack randomly Awarded



Please put your discord handle/name used on our discord server

Your Direct Match ID looks similar to this: Name#12345

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